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Whatever you might have heard previously, there is no law which says you MUST Test your Electrical equipment. In fact, all that the law requires is that your equipment is maintained in a safe condition.
Of course, keeping it in a safe condition means you must do SOMETHING - Most companies take the simple option and pay somebody to carry out their PAT testing every year - in fact a whole industry has emerged over the last ten years or so because of this.

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IET code of practice for in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment is one based on risk assessment rather than a mis-guided notion that they have to PAT test everything every year.
An example might be testing the equipment in the workshops or site equipment every 3 months, but testing the office equipment every 4 years.
A call centre might decide to test the kitchen equipment (kettles and toasters etc) every year, but test all the computers every 4 years.
As long as the system works, and you stick to it, it complies with the law.
In many cases, equipment can be tested far less frequently than it is currently, and this can save a lot of money!

What can AshDale do for your business?

  • Our fully managed system can save you money year to year. To read more about our fully managed system click here about us page
  • We do not over-test your items. This means we only test what needs to be tested each year. This not only lengthens the life of your items but also saves you money.
  • We offer a one-stop service for the inspection & testing of your electrical appliance, installation & emergency lighting.
  • All our staff are fully trained, qualified and competent in electrical inspection and testing.
  • We offer a fault finding & repair service to our PAT & EICR customers only.