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AshDale PAT Testing

About our site equipment, power tool PAT Testing service

Why PAT Test?

During an average year.
  • 2.5 million People aged over 15 years receive a mains voltage electric shock
  • 350,000 people received a serious injury
  • 28 people die from their injuries
  • 20403 fires are caused by electrical faults.

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Harm can be caused to any person that may become exposed to ‘live parts’ whether it be directly or indirectly by means of some conducting object or material.

Voltages over 50 volts AC or 120 volts DC are considered hazardous. Electricity can kill.

Shocks from faulty equipment can cause severe and permanent injury and can also lead to indirect injuries, due to falls from Heights.

Faulty electrical appliances can also lead to fires. As well as causing injuries and loss of life, fires cause damage to plant, equipment and property

The Code of Practice for the In-service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment recommend an initial inspection & test of site equipment / power tools every 3 months and then retested based on risk assessment - working environment and the type and the condition of the appliance at retest

Why AshDale?

  • All our staff are fully trained, qualified and competent in electrical inspection and testing.
  • We offer our PAT Testing Customers an on-site minor repair service, shortening of damaged cables & leads refitting included in the price of PAT testing
  • New cables and new plugs fitted at cost